It saddens me that I need to add an expectations page, but some recent events are forcing me to do so.  I am all about freedom of speech (I’m a journalism major after all), but I do have some rules and expectations for this blog that I expect to have followed.  These expectations are not to discourage people from interacting with me or others, but rather to make sure everyone understand how those interactions can be productive and well received.


1. Comments are to be tasteful and constructive.  Anything that either puts me down or another person down will be deleted.  Constructive criticism does not fall under this category and is greatly appreciated.

2.  Comments are to use proper language.  I try to maintain a profession blog, and any comments containing derogatory or inappropriate language will be removed.  A case by case evaluation will be conducted for each comment.

3.  Comments considered spam or used for commercial use will be removed.  My blog is not a place to promote your company.


1.  Re-blogging is acceptable when due credit is given.  I expect any re-posts to contain my blog’s name or URL in some manner.

2. Permission to reblog material is always welcome.  I like knowing where my creative material is going and how it is being used.

3.  If I believe re-blogged material is being used in a fashion other than how I intended it, I have a right to ask you to remove said material.  I expect my wishes to be followed, and if material is not removed, I will file complaints against the re-blogger.



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