Day 14- Dream Dictionary

Why have I never thought to look at the symbols in my dreams as a source of inspiration?  This is why NaPoWriMo is such a great concept and why I try to always participate.  After explaining what a dream dictionary is, the prompt told us to pick an image (or as many as we wished) from a list of about eight.  I went with the seagull because they’re a familiar animal to me and it immediately caught my eye.  Seagulls are associated with wanting to get away from problems.  I only have a few of those right now… so I wrote about how seagulls can fly away and come back when they wish.  It’s not sad or depressing, but it’s certainly something I’m a little jealous of right now!

Fly away
Little seagull
Take the wind
Let it slide past your wings
Lift you higher above the earth
Make the waves seem small
The boats like toys
The yelling voices disappear
Until you look down
And it’s all so far away
Until you decide
To come back down.


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