Day 2- Voice

For day two, we are playing with voice.  This was way too easy to write and it scares me, honestly.  I knew immediately I needed to finally create a piece around my stalker person from work.  My permanent restraining order hearing is tomorrow, and I’m honestly worried.  What if I don’t get granted one?  What then?  And if I get it granted, then what?  The first stanza, I wrote from my view.  The second is his, which is entirely based off things he said to me or about me to my boss.  Ya, none of that is made up.  It’s creepy and crazy and concerning.  Keep your fingers crossed for me tomorrow… I’ll probably be writing about the process in tomorrow’s prompt.

You pushed the lines
Held me against my will
Trapped me in an invisible cage.
You stripped me of my sanity
Forcing me to check over my shoulder
To be prepared, always prepared.
You couldn’t listen
Didn’t like being told no by a woman
You’re a monster
A coward
A nightmare

It’s a dance club
We were out shaking our asses
What did you expect?
Was that your boyfriend?
You guys are great dancers
Tots adorbs
But I want to be your boyfriend
Guess I struck out this time.
But now your accusing me
Of shit I didn’t do.
I’m coming for you.
I’m coming for you.


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