Alright, we are back to sharing stuff I wrote back in November.  Which, as I mentioned before, means we’re back in the dark stuff.  I’m still in a great place and am incredibly happy with life and doing well, so this does not reflect where I’m at currently.

When I first wrote this poem, it simply poured out.  I remember trying to create this character who was deadly, strong, seductive, basically any amazing female villain you’ve seen or heard of.  Well, she rapidly turned into me and the broken relationship that was.  And I love it.  I still get goosebumps when I read this.  I’ve sent it to a few friends and they say the same thing.  “Holy shit, where did that come from” (pardon the language).  It came from heartbreak and needing revenge.  Little did I know, I was already extracting it by moving on, telling the truth, discovering who I am now, etc.

Rapid breathes.
Inhaling as much of you as possible.
Nails digging in.
Teeth at your neck.
The smell of sweat.
The taste of wanting.
The feeling of hunger.
Crying out your name
And one last thrust.
Falling to your knees.
Your eyes begging.
The knife twists.
Your blood covers my hands.
My name escapes your lips.
You gasp for one last breath.
But I don’t see you.
You’re not there.
You left a long time ago.
Now your body matches your soul.


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