One Step Forward

With the new year underway, I wanted to make my first 2018 post a positive one.  I’ve been waiting for this poem to come into fruition for quite some time now and it finally developed the other night.  I wanted something that marked the real healing period in my life to remind myself of how far I have come.  And honestly, I am genuinely happy with my life.  I started dating someone new, I applied for a full-time dream job, I have become closer to my already amazing friends, I have goals I’m planning on meeting this year, etc, etc.  It’s all positive.

I will be posting some of the other poems I wrote before this new-found peace with life, so if you come back and everything’s taken a turn for the worst, that is why.  I’ll remind you of that as well.  Until then, enjoy this happier one.

One step forward
Pause just for a moment.
Look towards the sky
Let the breeze graze your cheek.
Take one breath
Hold it in a second longer.
Close our eyes
Feel the strength returning.

Take another step.
One more.
Now two.
Break into a run
Feel yourself become free.
Because you are ready
For the next minute
The next hour
The next day
The rest of your life.


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