Full disclosure, the opening line to this poem was full inspired by Too Much To Ask by Niall Horan.  I love the lyrics in this song, and as soon as I heard that line, I knew I needed to use it in some manner.  It’s such a haunting, beautiful image to me.  I see it a few ways.  One, the physical shadow of someone is gone because they aren’t physically there.  Two, the shadow of that person is still there in memory.  Three, the shadow will always be there because they haunt or stay with you, depending on how you view the situation.  No matter what, all three scenarios are ugly and beautiful, painful and joyful.  It’s clearly complicated.  The rest of the poem blossomed around that one line, and I’m really happy with the end result.

Your shadow no longer walks next to mine.
My hand no longer reaches for yours.
I no longer listen for your heartbeat
As the sky outside gets darker.

The musty scent of you no longer lingers.
Lips no longer brush against each other.
The sound of your voice no longer wakes me
As the morning tries to slip between us.

Half of the bed is cold.
The passenger seat sits empty.
No arms pull me close.
I am all alone.


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