Day 12- Index

Well here’s an interesting one for you!  Today, we were to write an “index” poem, meaning you found an index in the back of a book and used it to write a poem.  I chose to use The Omnivore’s DilemmaA Natural History of Four Meals by Michal Pollan.  I’m currently reading this book for my final undergraduate paper, and it’s quite interesting.  It’s about the American food system, and so it has a rather interesting index.  As you can see, I chose one small part of said index, specifically  animal rights.  This is certainly an interesting concept, and maybe if I flushed it out more, it would seem more interesting, but this is what I have so far:

Animal rights:
and animal happiness, 319-25, 328
and animal suffering, 308, 310, 312-13, 315-19, 328
arguments with, 309-13
ignorance of nature in, 305, 309
increasing activism in, 305, 309
and individual vs. species, 323-25
and laboratory testing, 312
and marginal cases, 308, 311-12
and predation, 321-23
speciesist viewpoint, 308-9
and vegetarianism, 305, 313-15, 319, 325-27.


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