Day 11- Place

Today, we’re back to following the prompts.  This guy was semi based on this James Wright poem.  The point was to get you to visualize and feel a specific place, then through a twist at the end.  The twist is supposed to seem unrelated, but of course is.  So, I naturally chose the place I spend the majority of my time at: the mountain.

Aspen trees surround me
Snow beneath my feet.
Overhead, a raven calls,
         And I know, somewhere, there is a jay.
The cold nibbles my face
         Not cold enough to bother me.
The sun overhead smiles down
         Bathing the ground in golden light.
The ground below falls away, and rises high above.
The smell of precipitation wafts from far away
         I know I’ll feel it in my bones soon.
But for now, the mountain sings
It’s melody rising and falling in the wind.
Time keeps moving, and I with it.


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