As always, midnight/ early morning inspiration has made my dreams evade me yet again.  However, this sleep depriving moment did lead me to write a love poem without sounding like a complete mush fest (maybe it does still sound that way, but I’m going with it doesn’t).  As many of you know, I can barely write about love and happiness because it sounds corny, but I’m actually really excited about this one.  Hopefully, it’s the beginning of a new source of inspiration I’ve been avoiding.

Everyone else saw it
But we didn’t.
I can’t figure out if we were
Or both.
I just thank God we figured it out.

It was always meant to be
You and me
It was simply a matter of time.
At some point it would happen
We just didn’t know when.

Just like that,
Months have gone by
All in the blink of an eye.
It feels like yesterday
I still get that giddy rush
Every time I call you mine
And I catch your eye
Looking at me in amazement at times.

So how did we never see it
All the times we were together
Before this began?
I guess I no longer care
All I know is
I only want now.


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