April 13- Sylvia Plath

Riddle poems can be extremely fun to write, or they can be terribly frustrating.  Today, it came easy, as I was feeling a bit philosophical.  With that in mind, though, I was afraid I would give the answer away the whole time!  Read the poem, see if you can guess what I’m talking about, and then you can peek at the answer.  Or you can just look at the answer, but that’s way less fun.

I am the ultimate mystery
No one will ever figure me out
How can they, when I am not a solid thing?
How can they, when I am illusive to many?
Few fully grasp me
Those who do are content, happy, fulfilled
And those who don’t will never understand the others.
I’m here, then gone, all in the blink of an eye
You never know when I will disappear
But have no fear, although I can be scary.
I am the reason you are here
Without me, you would not exist.

Answer: Life


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