April 10- Abecedarian

An abecedarian is a poem involving all the letters of the alphabet.  I decided to try going from A- Z at the beginning of each line, which posed to be a challenge when I hit K, X, Q, and Z.  I’m not sure how much sense some of these lines make, but I tried and I did complete each line!

A poem
Begins with words
Constructed from letters
Derived from a language
Engaging audiences
Fascinating their minds
Generating thought
Helping to shape minds
In order to create individuals
Just as debates do
Keywords stick out
Linger in the mind
Mingling with each other
Narrating a tale
Of different times or characters
Places made up or real
Quickly enter the mind
Relive a memory
Start a new one
Tell a new tale
Unspoken meanings may exist
Varied points of view too
With these poems

Xysts in the mind are formed
Yet we never realize it
Zeds are the only time when we do


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