Day 12- Prose

I told you it would be a short disappearance!  Today’s prompt was an interesting one.  We were to write a piece of prose, then cut out certain words (the, a, that, etc) before adding line breaks.  I definitely went a little happy with deleting the above words, but I was curious what it would do to the piece.  In some spots, it worked really well.  In others, not so much…

Roar, hiss immediately hits my ears
As I step from car.
Expanse of lapis in front
Undulates with each heartbeat in my chest.
I can feel tugging and spiraling,
Sucking at my toes
Before I’m even near.
Surface resembles mirror,
Blasting sunlight onto diamond like sand.
If you look closely,
You can see shattered glass, shell pieces
Mingling together form soft layer underfoot.
Gulls screech overhead,
But more in playful tone.
For once it doesn’t seem
Over crab or bag of popcorn
Long abandoned by some tourist.
Even thousands of miles away,
I can feel it all in my chest,
Picture it perfectly in my mind.
Ocean isn’t something simply there,
It becomes part of you.
It is you.

It becomes part of you.

It is you.


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