Day 8- Palinode

A palinode is a poem where you retract a statement made in an earlier poem.  There are many things I would LOVE to unsay to people, but I decided to once again turn the topic to my ex.  It still hurts knowing I “wasn’t good enough for him” in his eyes.  So I decided to retract all the times I thought I loved him because I have learned that although I might have in some form, it wasn’t in the pure form I’ve always wanted (and now have).

Why did I ever think
There was a chance you could love me?
You never proved you could
A few sweet words here
Something nice done there
But nothing ever substantial.

Why did I think
You could ever care as much?
I should have known there were others
Ones to replace me while I was gone.

Why did I think
I could let myself love you?
I never should have unguarded my heart


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