Day 7- Money

I nearly forgot to post this guy, but I didn’t!  Woohoo!  That’s actually super impressive and should be celebrated since I’m so stressed and forgetting everything.

In the past, I’ve written poems about money and the woes of it, but I took a bit of a different spin with today’s prompt.  I still wrote about not having enough money, but this time I focused on what the money was spent on.  This is also a sneak peek for people to see what I spend my money on…

Three hundred here for new textbooks
Another five hundred for plane tickets
Nine hundred and fifty for some sparkle
Nearly seven hundred for snow sliding
Looking at twelve hundred for a new room
Throw nearly a hundred for utilities
Ten for Internet
Forty or so for gas
Twenty for donation
Thirty-five for groceries
More, more, more
It never stops
Then nearly a grand back
Only to be spent five times over


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