I’m back to writing about my ex again, only this time it’s not about my demons regarding him.  Instead, it’s about everything that was wrong and how I made the right choice in leaving.  I know I made that decision and I’m happy I did everyday, regardless of what a few little voices in my head say.  Because I left him, I found an amazing person I have been with now for five months, who decided trying long distance was worth it, and who makes me smile more often than not.  I can never hate my ex, but I can hate what he did to me.

I hate what he did to me
How he made me feel crazy
How he made me second to everything
How he felt it fair to leave me
How he saw other girls immediately
How he tore my heart out and left it
How he made me think I was worthless
How he became part of my stories
How he mattered to me so quickly
How he could never care too much
How he made it all seem alright
How he knew he was moving on
But I can never hate him
Because he made me find something real


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