I am excited to report that I have returned to my home of Colorado, where I find so much inspiration. Hopefully, this is the beginning of many more pieces to come.

This guy is about the boy and me seeing each other for the first time in three months. I’m sure many people have experienced the same feeling I did when seeing someone for the first time in a while, regardless of your relationship (significant other, friend, family). For me, walking to his front door was terrifying, as I was afraid we would be different (in a bad way). I was lucky this time, and that walk to the front door turned out to be well worth it.

Nerves pulse through my veins
I cut the ignition, pocket my keys
Touch my feet to the pavement below
Hoping to God we’re still the same.

I walked up the stairs, heart in my throat
Knock three times and wait
Your voice sounds from somewhere inside
Beckoning me forward.

My hand on the door makes it creak
As my eyes adjust to the darkness
You on the couch, looking at me
And that’s when I know

You pull me in close
Just to give me a kiss
The sparkle in your eyes says it all
We made it now, reunited again


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