False Memory

I cannot explain how vivid the image I wrote about was when I thought about it.  I could almost smell the various scents in the Colorado wind, feel the heat of the sun on my skin, and see him so clearly I thought we were in the same place.  I honestly thought he would have a harder time with us being apart, but I’m very quickly realizing how much he means to me and just how much I miss him.  I have about a month and some odd weeks before seeing him again, and time is slowly creaking by.

You stand in front of me
Looking at me intently
Your face half hidden from the sun
A smile slowly spreading across you face
As the wind plays with your hair
For once without a headband or hat
Your sun kissed skin glowing
Radiating the sun’s warm.

You tilt your head back laughing
Maybe at something I said
A memory you just remembered
Or a million other reasons
You always laugh so easily
And that’s when I realize
This isn’t you

It’s been two long months now
Since I last saw you
Last was in your presence
Each day passing brings you closer
But never fast enough for me
The image of you has blurred
Mixing with other things
Movies, pictures, people on the street
Creating a false you in my mind

I never thought it would be this hard
Although I should have known better
I count down the time left
The time still apart
It gives me solace
Knowing we’ll be together again soon
Just a little longer
Just a little longer


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