In Progress

I never share poems that are incomplete, as I feel that shows a lack of professionalism, or something like that.  However, I have been thinking long and hard about this poem, and have truly hit a wall I can’t get past.  Maybe the problem is this is an entire poem, and I just don’t realize it, or maybe I don’t have the right words to use for the stuff I want to add on.  I decided to share this as is, so you can see what a piece of mine looks like in progress, but also to get some help if anyone has any ideas.

I toss and turn each night
Rehashing the same thoughts as the night before.
Fearing my internal war will someday come out
Afraid I’ll hurt someone I’m beginning to love.

You’re the center of my thoughts
The chaos you brought into my life
The way you’d drive me mad
The way I fell for you so easily
Like it was meant to last.




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