I have a way of never letting things go, and I have yet to figure out if it’s a good thing or not.  In this case, I can’t let go of a sudden realization I had about my ex (the one who stole his best friend’s girl).  I always had a sneaking suspicion he was interested in said girl, but never got to act on it since I was around a lot.  But what if he did?  What if I put more trust in him than I should have?  I can’t let the thought go that as he was telling me to “move in” and stay in “our” bed, he was telling her the same thing the night before.  On the upside of not letting this go, I’m finally realizing he’s not a guy I should waste time on, and will therefore be avoiding his kind in the future.

Images of you still pass through my mind
Sometimes more frequent than others.
The memories of us together
Laughing at each other
Your arm around me protectively.
As well as the memories of us apart
After you broke up with me
And I with you.

But a new twist has come into play
One I’m not sure I want to know the answer to.
There’s another girl in my place
Only to be filled by me the next night.
All I can wonder is if this happened
And I desperately hope I’m wrong.

Knowing you, though, I have reason to be suspicious
You never wanted to be “tied down” with me.
All that’s left of us are the images I have
The good ones and the bad ones.
Unfortunately for you
My doubts are starting to overshadow them all.


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