There is a saying I based this entire poem on- “Our hearts are wild creatures, that’s why our ribs are cages.”  I used to think it was kind of a cute saying, but now I realize I was naive thinking that.  My heart runs wild and free, which definitely sets me up for failure at times, but it also brings about a lot of good.  I used to be very guarded about love because I hated the pain, but you need it to learn and grow.  Maybe I’m still naive for believing a free heart is better than a caged one, but so far, a free heart has taught me a hell of a lot more than a caged one.

People say our ribs are cages
For these wild things called hearts.
What I don’t understand, though,
Is why you would want to contain it
For your heart feels the most.

When you fall in love, your heart beats faster
After a breakup, it aches
Post- death, it feels empty
But after great joy, it swells
But caging it only blocks these feelings
All of which you need in life.

Maybe I like the pain I feel
Or the joy freely when it comes.
I could just be a fool
For throwing my heart to the wind
Closing my eyes, crossing my fingers
And hoping for the best.

But I would rather feel it all
Every ounce of pain, love, joy, sorrow
Because if I don’t, am I living?


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