I need to give a shout out to my father, as his birthday today.  Happy birthday, dad!

I have been home for almost a week now, and a week ago was the last time I saw my boy.  We decided to try out the whole long distance thing, which people find strange since we still aren’t technically boyfriend/ girlfriend status, but it makes sense to us.  I knew I would miss him, but I didn’t realize just how much I would.  He’s become an integral part of my life without me realizing it, and as much as I love being home, I long to be with him right now.

How I wish I could see that smile
The one that makes your eyes squint
Makes you look like a fun, caring being
The one I fell for all that time ago.

I wish I could see those deep eyes
The way they light up when you’re up to no good
The dark brown depths glitter
The ones I stare into when I speak to you

I wish your arms were pulling me close
Whether at night as we fall asleep
Or sit on the front lawn with beer in our hands
The ones where I feel safe from the world

I wish I could be with you
I never thought that would happen
But for some reason it did
You’re the one I miss the most 


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