Smarten Up

Hello again, everyone.  I return to you with a very pissed off, irritated person.  The last guy I was with decided it was a great idea to steal his best friend’s girl, and needless to say, everyone kind of hates them both (they already broke up).  What ever happened to the whole “bros before hoes” mindset?  Because of his stupid decision to get with her, he and his best friend are no longer speaking, the girl and the friend fight non stop, and everyone hates each other.  I always knew there was some sexual tension in the room between my ex and her after we saved her life, and this only supports that belief.  I can’t believe someone could do this to their best friend, but it also makes me wonder how long I was in the dark about these two as well…

I swear, you’ll never learn
To leave some things alone.
It’s like you were never taught
To let some things lie dormant.

Did you really have to go there?
I suppose you thought so since you did
And now your best friend’s pissed
Your other roommate leaving
There’s no girl in bed beside you
And you can no longer call me up.

When will you learn to keep it in your pants?
To just let some things go?
It only takes a shock from a collar to get the dog to stop barking
Maybe you need one of those 


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