Day 28: News Story

I have been off skiing the past few days, so I was unable to write until today.  For today, the prompt was to look at a news story and use words from it.  I decided to use a quick story, as I need to start packing before I move, but I got it from NBC about a couple who remodeled their house to look like the one from Up.  This is not my best poem, and certainly not the best about my lovely home of Colorado, but it used words from the article!

A brightly- colored drive
A homage to the land
And whatever’s up in the air.

This place isn’t California
Nor a Pixar film
But a true place

It will make you happy
Others’ll be up in arms
But it’s my home, and I can’t complain



2 thoughts on “Day 28: News Story

  1. I like this. It’s very simple, but meaningful. Really love the second and third stanzas especially. It almost sounds like it could be the beginning of a book.

    1. Thank you. I really wasn’t sure if I liked how it came out or not, but I think you might be onto something as far as the beginning of a book goes!

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