Day 25: Anaphora

An anaphora is a literary device where a word or phrase if repeated.  I find this technique to be a very powerful one, and I often use it in my poetry, but more so in my creative writing pieces.  Right now, I am having trouble doing anything, as I seem to have caught something that is making me tired and achy and miserable like nothing else.  I tried including those feelings in this poem, but I’m such a mess that I’m not even sure it worked out in this case.  Oh well…

Sleep is overcoming me
Fillings my head with soft images
A welcome break from the awake
At the end of another long day

Pain is overcoming me
The heat of aching joints
Reminds me of claws sinking into my skin
I don’t understand why this is happening

Stress is overcoming me
As I near the end of the year
A million words filling my head
A list of things to do as well

Joy is overcoming me
As I think about what lays ahead
A new adventure about to be had
Just around the corner somewhere


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