Day 23: Homophonic Translation

This is always a fun way to write a poem.  What you do is you chose a poem written in another language (I chose French because my French is very limited) and write a poem using the words’ look-a- likes.  For example, toujours reminded me of the word tours, so I used tours.  These poems rarely, if ever, make any sense, and mine certainly does not.  However, it’s a great way to get the creativity flowing and to potentially create new lines or phrases for later use.  The poem I used is called Hölderlin à la tour, and I’m including the link so you can check it out yourself (an English translation of the original is also provided).

The ostrich intermittent
A champ touring the face
The moat voltage, reviewed
The torches, tend the main
And the pose denouncement
The ones coat of autos
Is decent and choses three simples
Come music
Lou is calm
Ombre of Louis surprised
The journeys so long
Come debut of the life

A particular moment is extreme simplicity and fault plus expectancy 


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