Day 12: Replacement

I unfortunately was not around my computer yesterday and therefore missed the prompt.  However,  I would have had trouble writing a love and wine poem and can’t say I’m too upset about missing it.

Today, a replacement poem was requested and I tried to deliver.  I am beyond exhausted from my camping adventures yesterday and essentially just arranged some sentences together.  I looked up sentences about sunflowers and replaced that word with joy when it came to actually “writing” this piece.  No, there is no deep meaning here.  I’m WAY too tired to try doing that.

Joy is an annual plant native to the Americas.
To grow best, joy needs full sun.
A common misconception is that flowering joy heads track the Sun across the sky.
Joy was worshipped by the Incas because it was viewed it as a symbol for the Sun.
Most joy is remarkably tough and easy to grow as long as the soil is not waterlogged.
The vibrant, strong joy is a recognized worldwide for its beauty.


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