Day 9: Playlist

I love the idea of writing a poem based on the first five songs in a playlist or on Pandora.  I have been wanting to write a poem based on country lyrics I hear, but wasn’t sure if it would fall under copyright or not.  But today’s prompt gave me permission to go for it.  The artists I used were Scotty McCreery, Rascal Flatts, Craig Morgan, Luke Bryan, and Randy Houser (in that order).  I’ll let you figure out the song names though.

See you tonight, the message reads.
I smile to myself
Knowing you mean it
Unlike the one before you
You always mean what you say.

We sit around, your arm around my waist
While you drink a beer.
The alcohol clinging to your breath
Softly wrapping itself around my face
A comforting, familiar smell.

Come wake me up, I thought last night
Just before falling asleep.
I want to fall asleep in your arms
Wake up beside you
And welcome the morning together.

But I know tonight
There will be a shared goodnight kiss
You said so yourself.
I might not wake up lovin’ you just yet
But it’s hard to ignore that’s what’s happening.



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