Day 7: Inanimate Love Poem

I don’t think there could have been a more perfect prompt for today than a love poem about an inanimate object.  Yesterday was the last day of the season at the mountain I frequent, and unfortunately, I couldn’t go up.  It sucks not having a car.  Although winter is “over,” ski season is never truly dead to me, as I am always looking for gear in the off season, and often close a few mountains each season.  Since I didn’t get to play with my skis in the snow yesterday, I felt they were deserving of a poem.

Never has a sight been more stunning
With a kaleidoscope of colors before my eyes
Rounded angles and sharp edges
All enticing to the eye

Never has something so wide pleased my fancy
I’d never get on top of something like that back home
Let alone control
With such precision

Never has something made me feel quite like I do
Every time I look at them
Or step into them
Hearing the clicking of security

Never have I found a pair of skis like these
My Super Bright babies
Who I gaze at with longing
And undying devotion


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