I wrote this poem two nights ago about needing to make a decision.  My choices are sticking with the boy I’ve been with, who often treats me horribly, or become single, feel out the crowd, and possibly end up with a guy who really cares about me.  I’ve made my choice, but I’m not sharing it yet simply because that’ll ruin the meaning of this poem.

She has a boy
One she’s falling in love with.
When he kisses her, she smiles
Calls her his, she’s elated.

But then he vanishes
She doesn’t know where to
Or ever finds out what happens
But she holds on, maybe blindly.

Only now there’s a new option
A boy with a boisterous laugh
Who spends time with her
Who makes her question the other.

She now has a choice to make
To stay with the one she’s beginning to love
Or to leave him for the unknown
The path still ambiguous.

So now she waits it out
Seeing what happens next
Never forgetting she has a decision to make
But running from it while she can


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