I realized this morning that a month ago, the guy I am with broke my heart before ending things, and I got very uneasy.  I don’t have any reason to- he’s been around, acting normal (when he’s not acting like a true boyfriend, which still confuses me at times), yet this fear is still present.  I trust him, which only complicates this feeling of fear.  I guess time’ll only fix that though, and I can’t worry about it if there’s nothing to really worry about.

It still lingers in the back of my mind
The day you decided to leave me
Down to the exact words
The moment I walked away

The tears I shed still burn my eyes
Although they may be ghost tears now
They slid down my face
Forming river channels

Sometimes I fear it’ll happen again
Not because you make me think that
But my mind is cynical
A dark place

Thoughts like this will reappear
Sit around until I can rid them
But I need help
That help is you


2 thoughts on “Fear

    1. Hahaha. I definitely wasn’t when I first started this blog! I still don’t consider myself one since my prose is a lot better.

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