Happy 100 Posts!

It’s official!  I have hit 100 posts, with only about five being posts outside of poetry.  I never planned for this to happen in less than a year, nor did I expect this blog to take off in the way it has.  I have found writing and posting my work to be cathartic and therapeutic, so I’m glad I stuck with it.  Here’s to another 100 posts!

I had a different poem to post after Tuesday night, but it quickly became outdated.  The guy I’ve been writing about most recently, the one who left me the day after Valentine’s Day, and I are back together as of Tuesday night.  The poem I’m sharing is not the deepest, but I liked it since it’s a slightly happier, more optimistic, more current poem than the other one, which I’ll probably share at a later date when I have writer’s block.

You kiss my shoulder lightly
Tell me I was right
You need me in your life
And you were just scared

You wrap your arms around my waist
Hug me close to your body
Whisper you’ll be more open
So long as I come back

You say these things
And I believe you
So I roll over to kiss you
This is how it should always be



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