And just like that, another guy has walked out of my life.  At this point, these things should stop surprising me, and to some extent, they do.  However, I’m struggling with this one.  I, and everyone else, really believed he was different and there was potential for something more than what we were.  But just like the rest, he decided it wasn’t worth it, and instead pulled the “it’s not you, it’s me” card, although ultimately laying it on me.  The best part?  If he’s like any of the others, he’ll be coming back to me sooner than later.  I’m not waiting for him, but I’m waiting for it to happen.

They’re all temporary
There for a moment before dashing.
The faint memories of them all I have left.
They run fast when the opportunity manifests
Though they never explain why they feel the need to leave.
They just do, fearing that sticking around will be the end of them
The end of being free, irresponsible, unattached, uncommitted, childlike.
So they leave, closing the door behind them with a thud, before eventually returning


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