Anti- Valentine’s Day

Anyone who knows me knows I despise Valentine’s Day with a potentially unhealthy passion.  Part of it is always being single and feeling like people in relationships are rubbing it in my face, but there’s more.  I believe if you love someone, you should show them that everyday, and if you like someone, don’t use a holiday to ask them out.  I hate the commercial use of love to make profit.  It disgusts me.  This year, though, I am sort of with someone, but I still hate today.  I don’t know what we’re doing, how to treat today, and I’m afraid he’s going to overreact.  We’re in a delicate place, and a day devoted to love might just be the end of us.  The irony kills me.

Roses are red and violets are blue
You’re harder to read than a CAT scan
And more complex than a computer hard drive
No, there’s nothing romantic in that.

Words come out of your mouth, like need
You call me “love” but we’re not together
Yet you’re distant and cold when it’s convenient
I’ll lose interest in that fast

No commitment to one and other
Able to drift along in the direction of the breeze
I’ll walk away though if I feel I must
But I’ll be loyal until I can’t be any longer

I’ve been told it’s the “Day of Love”
For us, it’s just another Friday in February
There’s nothing special or romantic here
Just another couple lost souls finding themselves 


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