Before I left to return to Colorado, I met a guy at work who is incredible.  Naturally, we were drawn together and this poem explains it all.  I was trying to find a creative way to write about it, since this topic seems to be a regular in my writing.  I began broad, showing how I miss home even though I love where I am before narrowing into specific places and finally a person.  Since coming back, I have barely spoken to this guy, which is almost that summer fling sort of thing, except it was winter.  This may come up again down the road if I find another way to write about it, but only time’ll tell.

Some days New England calls
Pulling my thoughts from the Rocky Mountains
Back to the place I’m from
To the places I know and love

The thought of my mountain
Whether it be icy or snowy
Sits patiently in the back of my mind
Knowing I’ll return to it next year

Now you’re in my mind too
Days filled with playful banter
The moment we kissed before I left
Not knowing if this would ever be repeated
But we didn’t care what the future held
We were living, then and there


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