A Year Ago

I realized a year ago I met the guy who I thought was the love of my life, who ended things with me back in September (as yo may know).  For the most part, I’m over him, finding better people to surround myself with, but he’s always in the back of my mind. This poem sprung up last night as I fell asleep, realizing the first time I was in Colorado, and when I met him, was a year ago now.  But that’s all in my memory now, and that’s where it’ll stay for a long time, or forever.

Your blue eyes slowly opening
Turning your head to face me
A smile spreading across your face when I say good morning
A quick kiss to seal those words
That was a year ago

Your arm around me
A beer in your other hand
Letting me lean on your shoulder as we play board games
A protective glance to keep the other guys away
That was a year ago

Your drunk calls at 2am
Telling me to move west
I couldn’t make a promise like that to someone I barely knew
Although I wanted to more than you knew
That was a year ago

Your memories haunt me
The good and the bad
The days you made me feel incredible and the ones you tore me down
Never to be repeated but in my mind
That is the past now 


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