I was going to try something new with this poem- integrating text messages.  Well, that didn’t go so great, so I paraphrased them instead, which I’m not sure worked much better.  Regardless, I figured I might as well write the poem anyway and share it with a group that I never feel judged by.  Hard to believe that I get apprehensive about sharing some of these poems when I’ve never received negative feedback, and others, such as this, I share without a problem.  Anyway, I think I found the next poem I intend to write, which has to do with the first stanza, meaning I’ll write a narrative or song-like piece.  Can’t wait!

The East Coast city girl
Falling for the Colorado country boy
It sounds like something in a song
Not something that would happen in real life

You tell me I’m beautiful everyday
I can’t remember the last time someone said that
You say I’m unique and different
Always meaning it as a compliment

It’s hard to believe I found you
Let alone you picked me
You’re everything the others weren’t
And I’m ready for this new journey 


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