There’s a country bar/ saloon in town that is probably my favorite place to go out for a good time.  The last time I was there, I met a guy, who I’ve been talking to since, even though I hadn’t seen him since then.  Well, I was able to see him there again last night, and it’s disgusting how happy I am about it.  He’s so sweet and genuine, and when he smiles, his entire face just lights up.  See, I hate myself- I’m being one of those girls.  And I know I write a lot about the guys I meet, but this one’s different for once and I’m really excited (and slightly terrified) to see where it goes.

My head goes in circles all day
Until it stills when you spin me
My only thought is how much fun this is
A smile spreading on my face

Your grin is just as wide as mine
Your eyes dancing to the beat
It’s a blur as we dance
And everyone else doesn’t matter

Then that moment when I know you want to kiss me
But aren’t sure if you should
I can’t describe how happy I was when you did
For the first time, someone wasn’t afraid if others saw

You’re in my head today
The fuzziness of the night seeming like a dream
I’m not sure how I got to this point
But I’m hoping you’ll stay by my side



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