The men in my life will perpetually make it into my poems as subjects or inspiration, I suppose.  Here’s another about the guy I was most recently seeing, which was slightly inspired by a comment someone I live with made.  He’s difficult to read, never letting anything show past surface level, and I can’t stand it.  At the same time, though, I’m the same way, so who knows if he’s warring inside as much as I am, but refuses to find out.  It makes for an interesting thought.

Ambiguous and hard to read
Never letting an emotion slip
You look me in the eyes with a smile
But your words don’t betray what’s below

Your gestures are controlled
While my hands fight not to reach out
A war goes on inside me when I see you
Ultimately being defeated by the facts

How can you not tell I’m mixed up
Wanting to punch you, yet kiss you right after
I guess I’m as good as you then
Never letting a thing get by my façade 


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