Too Busy

Hot off the press, I decided to write an “update” on my last poem.  I’ve been seeing this new guy for 2 1/2 weeks now (such a long time… I’m joking) and I haven’t seen him in over a week now because we’ve been super busy.  He was the one I needed to talk to the other day, and we finally did and everything’s good.  This poem isn’t sad because things ended, but sad because I haven’t been with him and it feels like things are over.  I’m just remembering all the good things and hoping we can find the time to see each other before Thanksgiving break.

The drive to your house
Talking the whole way about anything and everything.
Being familiar enough to open the gate
And walk through the front door first.

Curling up on the couch doing homework
Your arm casually slung over me
The other massaging my neck

Waking up next to you
Your arms pulling me in tight
Good morning slipping from your lips as you kiss me



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