OK, so I wrote this maybe two days ago now, and the events are still relevant.  With that in mind, though, they will hopefully become more clear this afternoon when I finally get to talk to people involved.  It’s been a rough weekend emotionally, hence the despair in the voice of this piece, as well as the language and word choices I used.  Hopefully the next piece I post is a bit more upbeat, but I’m not holding my breath for that, unfortunately.

It’s cold here, in the dark
No noise is heard from the one I want most
The blackness sucks me in, wrapping its arms around me
Tempting me to close my eyes or turn around
To leave this behind and start new

Maybe it’s just me sitting here, all alone
With time to think and ponder what’s going on
But you won’t answer me back, won’t return anything
What happened is a mystery
And I can’t seem to find the light 


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