Oh, how I always have inspiration to write about, and I may have found some more this morning after some unfortunate events, but that’s a different story.  This poem is about the guy I was seeing.  After the last time i saw him completely wasted, he gave up drinking and hasn’t touched it since.  I’m beyond proud of him for being able to do that, but I can’t tell him how happy I am… we no longer talk and I won’t initiate a conversation for personal reasons.  So here I am, writing about it instead.

You stopped
You quit
Called it done
No trace of alcohol on your breath
No buzz lacing through your veins
Stopped just like that

I hope somehow I caused this
Somehow I was a contributing factor
That the last night we were together was the bottom
But it doesn’t matter if it was
I can’t tell you I’m proud of you- we no longer speak


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