When The Sky Cried

I am recycling a poem from three years ago (I even wrote it three years ago today).  The reason I am doing this is in memory of my cousin who died.  I was hoping I would come up with something else, but I couldn’t find anything to say that quite felt right and I wanted to do him justice.  We were never super close, but since his death, I have tried to do things in his memory and live my life better as a tribute.  I’d like to think I have succeeded in that endeavor, but I will never stop trying.  Don’t Stop Believin’ ❤ ❤ ❤


Today the sky cried, its tears rain down on my windshield
It’s gray cloak covered the ground and made the colors dull
And the only way to chase it away was if you could have smiled

The sun would have shown, casting a warm halo on the Earth
Birds would have sung to make music
And we’d be laughing and smiling, without a care in the world

If only you could come back
You left much too soon
The world would change because of you, everyone knows that
And the pain would be gone, as would the sorrow and grief
But you have left for reasons unknown
Thee seem to be bigger plans for you
And although you’re not physically with us, I know you’re watching over

So grin forever and laugh full-hearted
We’ll never let you go, I promise
And we’ll see you sometime soon, and all will be good


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