Headache, Heartbreak

I have not written much again because I got a concussion the other day while at a friend’s house.  Actually, friend’s the wrong word.  It’s a friend’s house and the guy I was seeing’s house and I hit my head on a door frame while we were all being idiots.  Since then, I have had constant headaches that don’t go away, no matter what I do, and the guy hasn’t been speaking to me again.  Believe me, I’m getting sick of both instances and need to deal with both of them, but for now, a poem was all I could muster.

The pain in her head mirrors the pain in her heart
The throbbing and pounding unstoppable
No matter how much she sleeps
No matter how many pills she takes
The ache doesn’t end

He’s the cause of it
The throbbing, the aching, the pounding, the breaking
He breaks her at every corner it seems
Running hot then cold towards her
Always changing, never the same

She’s afraid it will never stop
That she will always hurt because of him
She fears she will never love like she did him
The thought stabbing every part of her
Until she curls up and closes her eyes and tries to escape in sleep


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