The other day, I met up with the guy who broke my heart and pretty much told him everything I was thinking.  I am still angry, but more importantly, I’m hurt more than I originally thought.  After leaving him, I felt nothing.  Absolutely nothing.  I didn’t even feel the anger or pain anymore.  I have always found numbness, no matter what reason, to be a terrifying emotion.  I’m feeling better today, but part of me still feels that numbness, which I was finally able to put into words.


Cold air in the middle of winter
Slipping down your coat and icing your neck.
The ocean licking at your toes
Still freezing even in July.
Ice cream sticking to your tongue
Eating away at your skull in dull throbs.
The frozen food aisle
Waves crawling towards you from open doors.
Your words the other day
Telling me we couldn’t be together.
My thoughts after
Attempting to make sense of what you said.



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