I’ve been struggling to write recently, specifically since I now live where I used to write the most about.  However, that got me thinking about how I’ve really never focused on my home and all that it is.  I love Colorado, but New Hampshire is really my home and always will be.  There is nothing that quite beats the ocean, the mountains, and the proximity to everything quite like that state.  About now, the weather is getting cool and the leaves will be changing color, which is what I will be missing the most.  Look for more poems about that in the near future.


Cold rainy days remind me of home
Where the streets were also driven by cars.
Maple and birch trees filled some yards
Fences surrounded others.

An hour’s drive brought you to the mountains
Layered in various shades of green.
Smooth, rolling bulges from the ground
Colored around by pale blue sky.

Ocean waves crashed against the sand
Churning up glass jewels and nature’s beads.
The sun beat down making feet burn
And freezing water was the refuge.

There is none of that here
But there are similar features.
Both are magnificent in their own right
But only one is my true home.


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