Remind Myself

This poem has a bit of doubt in it, as you can tell.  And I hate doubting things, especially people I care about.  Some of you will read this and scoff- how can I remind myself that I care about someone?  Shouldn’t I always know?  The answer is yes, and I do know that.  But on occasion, doubt creeps into your mind and it sabotages everything you know.  That’s what happened.  Now I have to live with this feeling of doubt for a few more days until I see him…

I should have kissed you
Reminded myself why I’m here
The soft brush of your lips
Your eyelashes skimming my cheek at times
To prove it’s worth it
How can it not be…?


2 thoughts on “Remind Myself

  1. You did great.. Yes doubts are always going to be there, nagging at the back of your mind and the best you can do is confront these demons instead of ignoring them. And writing what you feel, writing down about your doubts is a brilliant way to deal with them.

    1. Thank you so much. Writing is the greatest way to express yourself and make sense of a situation, event, or whatever else. I’m glad I’m not the only one who feels that way.

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