So Much To Say

Oh boy, another poem about guys, this time about a friend.  We used to be super close- talked all the time, hung out almost every day or so- but suddenly it’s gone.  I have no idea what happened, but when I try to make plans, he’s suddenly “too busy” and has other people to see before going to school, which I believed until I started seeing he was always with the same person.  And now a month has gone by since I’ve seen him and I’d like for that to change before I move across the country, but I doubt it will.

I have so many things to say
Yet I can’t articulate myself
It’s coherent in my brain
Not so much on paper

What happened to us?
Not necessarily together, simply friends
We used to talk all night, see each other every day
Now it’s barely speak and never hang out

Everything and one has a priority
All but me, or so it seems
What did I do to go from high up to bottom?

Just cut the screens and murkiness
Tell me yes or no
The only thing I’m asking is honesty
But I’m terrified of what you’ll say


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