Looks like it’s about that time in my life again where suddenly the guy I’m seeing ditches me without warning.  It’s never a breakup, it’s never a malicious thing, but it always takes me by surprise, and quite frankly, it hurts a lot more than I would think it would.  I knew this would come when we both left for school, but that’s far in the distance still, and it’s sad when someone this close leaves you suddenly.


Clouds slowly gather overhead
I hadn’t noticed until now
The summer breeze kicking up

You unfurl the sails, which in turn catch the wind
The knots tying you are next
Swiftly uncoiled and thrown on board

The lazy waves carry you out
I believe I hear thunder off in the distance
And that’s when I realize it 

You’re getting smaller, a speck on the horizon
While I’m here on shore
Right where you left me 


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