Caution Ahead

Apparently, some of my recent decisions in life have some people far too worried.  All I hear from them is. “wow, I never expected that… be careful” or “you’ll get hurt if you’re not careful.”  Here’s the thing though.  I’m ALWAYS careful and look at everything before I make a decision.  Sure, I make some impulse decisions, just like the next person would.  But people need to recognize I make choices that I think are best for me, not for them or anyone else, but for me.  Therefore, the judgement and the reminders can be left at the front door.  OK, my rant is now over so let’s get on with the poetry.

I’m reckless and wild
Unpredictable too
Be careful, they tell me

They talk about me behind my back
Fretting about my choices
Far more than they need to

The whispers of their voices
Judgment being passed quietly
Tuning them out is the only option

Be careful, they whisper
The sound prickles at my neck
I’m always careful, yet they always forget that


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