A Story (Once Upon a Time)

I’ve been trying to find the right time to publish this poem, and I feel like now is.  It says everything that needs to be said, so I will now stop talking.


Once upon a time
There was a girl who traveled to a magical land
She was there to see a boy she thought she loved
And got more than she bargained for

Pure white peaks lay before her
Brilliant blue skies filled with cotton balls above
Amethyst ground beneath her feet
Ice crystals frozen in time

She lost her heart to that place
It broke there too
That boy did not offer love like her
But another one did

Hours were spent together
Explorations took place
When he finally kissed her, she awoke
She fit perfectly in his arms

But the time there ended
And like Cinderella she fled
Back to her home, the whole time longing
Never once did she waiver

Finally, the day arrived to go back
The sleek silver plane awaited
She time traveled across the country
Again where she belonged

Nine days of bliss
Just her, the magical land, and the boy
That was all that mattered
Everything else could wait

Waking up, wrapped in his arms
The daily adventure
An unexpected event thrown in
All before bed, again in his arms, just to start the cycle again

Once again, the time to leave came
She’s cried every day since
Having left her heart in the magical land
She counts down the days until she returns


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